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Taco The Town
LA Magazine puts us on the front of their "Must Do LA" Eat section!
Life Changing Meal
VegNews names our burrito one of 5 life changing vegan meals in LA.
Big honor from EatSipTrip
EatSipTrip names us one of the 30 essential vegan restaurants in LA
EDV 2018 Top Pick
TimeOut Los Angeles Dubs us as "must try" at 2018 Eat Drink Vegan
Eating & relocating to LA
Are we, "...taking over the LA vegan foodie scene..."? VegNews thinks so.
6 best things to eat at Coachella
Bravo TV names us their second favorite food out of more than 100 options!
The Uproxx Coachella food picks compiles a visual tour of their ten favorite food joints at Coachella 2018.
Best vegan food truck review
Look who made CBS Los Angeles' list of Best Vegan Food Trucks!
2017 VegOut Best of LA Awards
VegOut LA voters give Cena Vegan 3 top awards! Best Nachos, Pop-up, & Local Product!
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