Keeping the message positive.

I recently saw someone on social media put another person down because they were not 100% vegan. The individual being persecuted had recently given up everything except fish and was pleased about the change in her life.

It didn’t take long for a high-and-mighty vegan to cast stones at the individual, calling them out as "weak" for not living a 100% plant-based life.

I very much dislike this sort of self-righteous lifestyle shaming. As a plant-based company, the last thing we would ever do is preach and condemn. Cena Vegan's goal and desire is to show everyone how delicious and easy it is to thrive on plant-based foods.

Claiming some kind of superiority is not our way. It never will be. We applaud everyone who makes plant-based choices, whether it’s once a week or at every meal. We do this because there is a long road ahead in our mission to positively change societal habits and alter the course of an entire planet.

Right now, only about 6% of the population identifies as vegan. That means 94% of the world is either carnivores, vegetarians or flexitarians. And while we work to convince as many of the larger group, we know it serves no one to take a negative position.

Why say this now? On February 21, we will promote and congratulate Baja Cali Fish & Tacos for carrying Cena Vegan at all their So Cal locations. It’s a big step for them. We want to be supportive and we hope all our followers would do the same.

We are now moving our products into many establishments that primarily sell meat and fish on their menu. We see their desire to incorporate plant-based options, like Cena Vegan, into their restaurants as a win. Not just for our business, but for plant-based living.

Who exactly would it serve if we turned away from businesses who want to change for the better? No one. People who don’t normally choose plant-based meals would not have the opportunity to try it. Vegans would have less places where they could go to get something good in a business that might otherwise be void of choice. And the path towards a better world would be self-sabotaged.

So I hope those individuals who feel it necessary to castigate non-vegans might think about the end game and not get so confrontational over the choices of other individuals trying their best. And if we are going to stand up and preach anything, maybe it ought to be positivity.

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