• Stronger flavor profiles can encourage customers to try new items…This, along with healthy and indulgent menu innovations, allowed the limited-service industry to be the best-performing restaurant segment last year. Chains that focused on menu innovation…generally had very successful years.

  • Mindful dining makes up the “second level of characteristics that allow consumers to feel good about themselves” while eating out.


Two: According to Vegan News, the vegan product category should grow about 13.4 percent per year through 2020.


As a Latino-owned company, Cena Vegan knows what authentic Mexican cuisine should taste like. Our four flavors come from generations-old family recipes and include: 

  • Al Pastor - complex, rich and slightly spicy with a touch of pineapple

  • Carne Asada - cooked with savory grilled onion and notable hints of citrus

  • Pollo Asado - delicately seasoned and finished over mesquite to thrill the tastebuds

  • Barbacoa (gluten-free) - soy skin simmered in rich, smoky and slightly sweet adobo

Our 100% plant-based meats are fully-seasoned and made in small batches using a proprietary three-step process. Our seitan base is made from high-protein wheat and garbanzo bean flours. At about 90 calories per serving, they’re low-fat, low in sugar, cholesterol-free and contain up to 19 grams of protein per serving! For complete nutrition info, click here.

Prepping Cena Vegan plant-based meats for service is as easy as heating them up in steam trays and adding them to your dishes/recipes. They can be substituted 1:1 for beef, chicken or pork in a variety of dishes including pastas, soups, sandwiches and just about anything else your creativity demands






Here's a healthy way to grow your business.

Put Cena Vegan plant-based meats on your menu.

If you want to attract more patrons,  here are two facts to chew on.

One: In 2016, QSR magazine identified the following food trends among millennials and the 75 million babyboomers looking for healthful alternatives:

Delicious. Profitable. And Easy. Now's the time to put Cena Vegan on your menu.

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