It's time to be happy about the food you eat.


Delicious, healthy and affordable.

Founders: Carmen Santillan & Mike Simms

Our Mission

For vegans, vegetarians and those seeking healthier lifestyles with less or no meat, there are plenty of products available at super markets like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and other specialty retailers. But those choices diminish when it comes to authentic and uncompromising Latin American flavors.

As health-conscious foodies and with 66% Latin American ownership, we know what authentic Latin American flavors should taste like. As more people aspire to live a happier existence by the choices they make in their lifestyle and food choices, we are committed to the idea that choosing Cena Vegan is not a compromise or a sacrifice in flavor. You aren’t giving anything up by eating Cena Vegan. OK. You may be giving up transfats, calories and the ecological burden placed on the planet by the overconsumption of animal protein. But those are good things to get rid of.

Why Cena Vegan?

Cena Vegan flavors are crafted from family recipes to help you create authentic, home-cooked meals.

Cena Vegan lets you enjoy a meaty dish without any regrets about what goes into your body!


When you choose Cena Vegan, you reduce your intake of transfats and calories from meat. You are also actively choosing to say no to factory farming and the huge carbon footprint it creates!

Guiding principles

We focus on giving our customers products that will make their lives happier and healthier while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

We help our community by educating and advocating for a healthier lifestyle.

We care for the planet by always looking for solutions that are best for the environment, even if they cost a little more.


Consideration defines the spirit of Cena Vegan. Compostable packaging. Business practices that are environmentally friendly. Production materials that can be locally sourced. These are examples of what it means to think bigger than short-term gains.

We balance profits with human needs and daily realities by emphasizing the need for fun and work/life balance.
We also believe in paying people fairly for their productivity and loyalty. 

Frequently asked questions

What does “Cena” mean?

In Latin American culture, the word, “Cena” defines a home or temporary location where famiiles sell meals or specialty foods. These items are based on family recipes and are sold with a sense of both pride and community.
To let customers know Cena is available, an incandescent light is displayed. It is with this same sense of tradition that Cena Vegan presents its food. The light embodying that spirit is even visible in our company logo!


How do I find out where the Cena Vegan cart will be?

The best way to find our next public appearance is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or check out our  event calendar  with up-to-date information.

Does Cena Vegan cater private events?

YES! To find out more, please email us at:

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